The early beginnings of Gardena as a community of homes date back to the 1880s.  A Ventura man, Spencer R . Thorpe, is credited with having started the first settlement in Gardena Valley, centered near the intersection now known as 161st Street and Figueroa.
Reports differ as to how Gardena acquired its name; however, it has been conjectured that its name was derived from the "Garden Spot," because of the fertile, green valley created by the nearby Laguna Dominguez slough and channel.
The City of Gardena was incorporated in 1930.  At that time Gardena was a small farming community of about 20,000 people.
Today Gardena is an active and progressive residential and business community with a City government that prides itself in providing a full range of qualified services to the community.
Gardena's attractive, family-oriented neighborhoods provide a wide variety of housing options for all residents.  20,000 residential units are available in the City with more becoming available.  The majority of the residential neighborhoods are mature with lush landscaping and well-maintained buildings and large family-sized yards.
Gardena has earned the prestigious designation of "All-America City," and its ethnic diversity is a quality of which everyone is proud.  Community commitment can be seen throughout the City as businesses join with volunteer groups in supporting civic projects and programs.
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