San Pedro


The city of San Pedro is located at the southern edge of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, on the west side of San Pedro Bay.  It is known as the "Gateway to the World" because it overlooks the busiest shipping port in the United States, The Port of Los Angeles.  Even though San Pedro is part of the city of Los Angeles, it has developed  its own unique character which gives the feeling of being its own city.

San Pedro is home to both commercial and sport fishing fleets.  The city has been a magnet for European immigrants dating back to 1542, with a history rich in diversity and international culture.

The heart of San Pedro is just steps away from the waterfront and features a collage of architecture, shopping, dining and browsing.  With its small town atmosphere and many family-owned businesses, San Pedro reminds many of the neighborhoods of their youth.

San Pedro's majestic cliffs and bluffs with ocean vistas are unmatched anywhere in the world.  A temperate climate and balmy ocean breezes allow visitors and residents to enjoy this area's many attractions and recreational activities year round.  San Pedro is a great place to live and play.

AVERILL PARK :  In the December 2004 issue of 'Los Angeles' magazine, Averill Park was featured as one of the 'Ten Great neighborhoods' in the entire Los Angeles area.  Here's what it says: 

"San Pedro's Averill Park could be a neighborhood in San Francisco.  Steep green hills - dotted with ancient palms - converge on a picturesque stream.  Freighters hoot in the distance.  At night the fog creeps in and the lights of the nation's busiest port turn the horizon to golden fuzz.  The two-block-long, recently relandscaped park is the centerpiece of an area  referred to as Upper Vista Del Oro.  With views that are at a pleasant remove from the actual traffic of the port, it has long been a destination of choice for upwardly mobile locals,  Many are still here, and the neighborhood has a dreamy, old-fashoned air. Well-preserved Spanish and Tudor style cottages dating from the 1930s line many streets, and the shopping block at 8th and Weymouth offers free angle parking.  Modern houses above the park offer less architectural cohesion.  The trade-off?  More than one bath.  Like the rest of San Pedro, the neighborhood is close-knit and multicultural.  High school games are big events.  The Fourth of July sees a welter of block parites, all with their own fireworks displays.  Don't be surprised when strangers assume you went to schools with them."

The city is located at the end of the Harbor Freeway (110), and affords easy access to major shopping centers, the Trump National Golf Club, the Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, Orange County and downtown Los Angeles.

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