The Palos Verdes Peninsula


Imagine living amongst rolling hills, breathing clean air, and enjoying breathtaking city and ocean views, while remaining in close proximity to a major urban and economic center.  The Palos Verdes Peninsula is a beautiful area of Southern California that has been able to retain its old world charm and has kept away rapid commercial and residential growth.  This "small town" feel has been made possible by strict zoning codes that prohibit billboards and restrict the growth of unwanted commercial and industrial complexes that would degrade the Peninsula's natural beauty.

The Palos Verdes Peninsula is a charming and refreshing place to live.  Residents of Palos Verdes homes and condos enjoy a temperate climate enhanced by the green of its many parks, the blue of the surrounding ocean, and the crystal clean air.  In this serenely beautiful setting, consisting of 27+ square miles, residents pursue their interests in the arts, recreation, philanthropy and education while having access to the bustle of Los Angeles.

The four cities that make up the Peninsula offer distinctive and diverse geographic choices to suit every lifestyle and provide a wholesome, relaxed environment in which to raise a family.  Palos Verdes homes and condos are a sound investment.  Nurturing a strong sense of community, proactive and involved citizens zealously guard open spaces from over-development to assure harmonious limited growth and preservation of gracious country and suburban living.  A strong sense of family unifies the community. 


Residents of Palos Verdes homes and condos experience pleasant thermal conditions plus cool westerly sea breezes which create exceptionally hospitable climate.  Marine air from the open sea flows over and around the Peninsula highlands, keeping city tainted air at a safe distance.  Even the rare seacoast fog has a way of lifting and separating as it approaches the Peninsula slopes.  Year round, Palos Verdes homeowners enjoy clean air and idyllic weather.  The gentle breezes keep the climate on the Palos Verdes Peninsula moderate, with summer temperatures rarely above 80 degrees and with an average winter temperature of 67 degrees.  The climate allows day to day comfortable living and year-round unrestricted use of recreational facilities.


The rich and colorful heritage of Palos Verdes begins with the tribes of Gabrielino Indians who originally lived on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and who were first described by the Spanish explorer Cabrillo in 1542.  The area was taken under Spanish rule by the armies under Cortez and remained under Spanish rule, virtually undisturbed, until Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1822.  In 1827 the Governor of Mexican California reqarded Don Dolores Sepulveda for his military services by giving him a land grant of the "Rancho de los Palos Verdes (Ranch of the Green Trees)".  The Sepulveda family operated a flourishing cattle ranch until drought and boundary litigation resulted in the great rancho being awaraded to Jotham Bixby.  As land values grew and it was no longer possible to continue cattle ranching, Bixby leased the land to Japanese farmers for cultivation of flowers, vegetables and grains.

In 1913 a group of New York investors purchased most of the land intending to develop a community of large estates for the wealthy.  It was not until 1921, however, that Frank A. Vanerlip, Sr., one of the New York investors, and E.G. Lewis, a real estate promoter, founded the Palos Verdes Estates Project.  In 1924 the first houses appeared and the rancho, through the course of time, was divided into the present-day cities of Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, and Rancho Palos Verdes.


Each suburban, residential community on the Palos Verdes Peninsula enjoys its own special environment.  Median annual household incomes vary from $90,000 to $150,000 in various parts of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  The total Palos Verdes population of approximately 73,000 is distributed among four cities and two unincorporated areas that have evolved with distinctive characterics shpaed by the terrain and the time and circumstances of development.  Limited access to the Palos Verdes Peninsula itself has led to "good neighbor" communities that have fostered close relationships and sharing of facilities and services.

A wide range of commercial and professional services is available on the Peninsula and in neighboring South Bay cities.  Commercial development on the Palos Verdes Peninsula is controlled by strict zoning codes to preserve the rural, suburban way of life. 


Bordered on the west and south by the Pacific Ocean, residents of Palos Verdes homes and condos have virtually unlimited choices of aquatic activities.  Swimming, sunning, diving, surfing, yachting, sailing, or sport fishing are certain to satisfy the most relaxed visitor of the most avid sports enthusiast.

Trails crisscross sections of the hills and canyons providing bicyclists, joggers and equestrians with their own special hours of delight.  Equestrian shows and events are scheduled throughout the year.  Two private and two public golf courses offer challenge and beauty to the golfer.  Tennis buffs can play at any one of the numerous public or private courts or membership clubs.  There are three equestrian center on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, all available for use by the general public and residents of Palos Verde homes and condos.

Parks on the Palos Verdes Peninsula lend themselves to picnics, relaxing in the sun or shade, kite flying and other family outings.  Many parks offer planned activities for groups, seniors, and children, including year-round participation in a wide varietyof sports programs such as Little League, AYSO Soccer, Summer Swim and organized programs including scouting and 4H.  The Palos Verdes school grounds provide additional grassy areas and sports fields for children's organized or casual activities.


Residents of Palos Verdes homes and condos are justifiably proud of their fine Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District that serves the entire Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Students' test scores are consistently in the top 10% of California Schools, evidence of the quality of classes offered and the high degree of parental involvement.  Extensive sports, arts and drama programs contribute to school spirit and reflect the pride Peninsula families take in this exceptional educational system.  The 10,500 student enrollment in the ten elementary, three intermediate and two high schools has increased in recent years, while still ensuring the highest possible  quality of education.  The fact that 90% of district students have gone on to higher learning is unique among area schools.  Many options for private education exist, at all grade levels from pre-school through junior college.

The Palos Verdes Library District offers a full range of services for residents of Palos Verdes homes and condos.  It meets the informational, educational and recreational needs of the community from children's story hours to sophisticated business research.  Books, magazines, videos, compact discs, and book-on-tape are available a the three library branches.


The renowned Wayfarer's Chapel, a Lloyd Wright glass church inspiration, offers several types of religious services to the general public and residents of Palos Verdes homes and condos. The Point Vicente Interpretive Center, a marine museum and whale-watching site, houses a display that focuses on local history and land development of the Palos Verdes Peninsula as well as an informative exhibit on the history of whaling along the coastline.  The South Coast Botanical Garden on 87 acres displays more than 100 families of plants representing more than 2000 species. The La Venta Inn is one of the oldest building on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, commanding a panoramic 60-mile coastal view, and is available for public and private events.


If you're looking for an exciting shopping experience, look no further than the Palos Verdes Peninsula, with two major shopping centers providing the gamut of retail experiences from upscale shopping to local artisans and one-of-a-kind shops. Residents of Palos Verdes homes and condos and other shoppers enjoy the convenience, flexibility and variety of options available to them, both on the Palos Verdes Peninsula as well as in nearby South Bay cities.  There are two major shopping malls within 20 minutes of Palos Verdes, as well as excellent smaller shopping centers on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Traditional and gourmet markets offer a generous selection of fresh food for the Palos Verdes homemaker.  Many choices from casual to fine dining are available in restaurants located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and throughout the South Bay.


A striking advantage of living on the Palos Verdes Peninsula is that residents can enjoy cultural life throughout the year without having to make the 45 minute drive to Los Angeles.  The Peninsula Symphony Orchestra presents four annual concerts and hosts an annual Summer Fest.  Diverse performing talents are showcased by the South Bay Chamber Music Society, the South Bay Conservatory, Los Cancioneros Master Chorale, the Chamber Orchestra of the South Bay , South Bay Ballet, and Palos Verdes Ballet.

Norris Theater for the Performing Arts, an elegant modern facility seating 450, serves professional resident and touring companies presenting dance, drama, and music productions.  Many community groups also hold programs and conduct meetings there.  The newest addition to the facility is the Harlyn J. Norris Pavilion for the community's use.

The Palos Verdes Art Center houses fine arts exhibits and presents year-round fine arts classes.  The Community Arts Association receives support from a yearly festival, from various support groups, and art groups who present their work on weekends in Malaga Cove Plaza.

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