Located within twenty miles south of Los Angeles and five miles from the Pacific Ocean, the city of Lomita has had a rich history that included ranching and farming.  Lomita, Spanish for "little hills", was originally a cattle ranch owned by the Sepulveda family.  Over time the land was sold off and eventually ended up in the hands of the W.I. Hillingsworth Company in 1907.  The intent was to build a Dunkard colony for the Los Angeles area.  Two decades later, the population slowly grew and property values boomed, due to the discovery of oil. 

As the 1930s came around, farming became a major industry for the area and Lomita became known as the "Celery Capital of the World."  On June 30, 1964, Lomita was incorporated as a city. It still continues to maintain its rustic small town feel and a desirable place to live.

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